Friday, October 1, 2010

Crazy & Fun

Much is going on here in San Jose and in life in general. On Sat. of the last week, while playing with the children in my house, I stepped on a large rock while jumping and so I sprained my foot and it hurt so bad! So, the next morning, my family got an old man in the village to come over and massage my foot. This occurred for two days! It was quite interesting and it worked to my surprise. I am now with a LOT less pain and I´m walking again just fine.

Also, I´ve been traveling a lot and I´ve seen much! Lol. One night (around 8p.m.) my host family and I went to a nearby village to get meat from a dead cow. The poor cow fell and so they killed it and all the nearby neighbors and villages came to partake in the cow meat. Lol. Also, during this trip, I got to ride in the back of the truck. It´s not a normal truck because it has large poles constructed in the back for people to hold on to. It was actually fun to ride back there and the view was beautiful!  Then, also, I traveled with the girl from the Mayor´s Office to two towns sort of nearby. They were really beautiful although we had to walk in mud and a bit of rain for like 3 hours. In the very end, we were walking down a huge mountain to get to the street below to catch a bus back to San Jose, and I know I almost slipped like 10 times. It was SO difficult because we were walking straight down and it was rocky and muddy cause it had just rained. I thought I was going to lose my life a couple of times. But, I prayed the whole way and made it safely to the bottom. It was very stressful, but also beautiful. We saw three waterfalls and the scenery was very peaceful amidst the stressful walk.

Also, as far as work is concerned, they are definitely keeping me busy, which is good! In the high school, I´m helping with a mural to prevent trash in the high school and to raise awareness about environmental health. It´s going pretty well. Also, I´m going to start a computer class because (to my amazement) many of the students here do not know how to use a computer! I never thought I would need to teach people how to use a computer, but it seems that´s one thing they need. Also, another teacher really wants me to help her crafts class, so I will be teaching them how to knit and whatnot. Also, if anyone has any other ideas of crafts, please let me know!!! I never thought I´d be doing these things, but to this community they´re important. Also, the Tourism Group has a BIG plan to put on an event by the end of this year with crafts, performances, etc. so I will be helping with that as well. There is much to do and I´m excited to be able to help! Furthermore, if anyone has ideas about groups that can help with funds, please let me know!!

News from San Jose:
It´s cold here! It´s like 60 degrees. But, it´s beautiful!
No more storms, but it rains every day.

Random Information:
The food is good, I just had like a potatoe salad type thing with grilled chicken and a salad.
We officially have a huge turkey, which is for Christmas
I´m going to Marcala, the bigger city, to find a church.
I will probably be living with my family for the 2 years because they have a pretty nice setup downstairs. It´s like an apt. with it´s own bath-shower-bathroom and a small kitchen )I think) and they´re going to put in an electronic shower for me so I can have warm water cause the water here is crazy more than normal.

Hope all is well...
Talk with you soon,


  1. Hey daughter, sounds like you had fun with the travels, even the muddy mtn side. LOL Glad to know you made it safe and didn't fall. That will be interesting to hear about the knitting and how it goes. Do you all have access to needles and yarn there? What about paper mache'? That would be fun to make stuff with. Glad your ankle is better, please be careful. Thank you for the updates, I know it isn't easy to get to a computer there. Weather here is cool also, but they say it will be 90 by Friday. Who knows? It is in the 40's now at night at high 60's to low 70's during the day. Take care of yourself and call when you can. I love you and pray for you daily. Mom

  2. Hi, Victoria! I am sorry to be so long in writing to you - things have been so crazy here that I hardly can keep my head on straight! I am so proud of all you are doing. Isn't it amazing to be in a place where the skills we take for granted are things that can be so helpful to others. We just never know how the things we learn in life can help someone else when we don't even think they are important at the time. Anyway, hang in there with the fruits and veggies - be careful and I am praying for you and know you will continue to have many wonderful experiences. I see on your wish list that you need a Spanish-English bible. I will look for one at the book store on Wednesday - I should be able to get one and I will send it along to you. Love, Aunt Sandra

  3. Yeah, so right now we can´t find needles in the nearby city, so we´re making bracelets out of thread and then later we´re going to do Christmas crafts 'making stockings, etc. They do want to do thigns with paper mache! We´ll see how that goes! yeah, weather here is cool also!

    It is amazing how skills i thought were commonplace are so amazing here! lol. Thanks Sandy!

  4. Hi Victoria - was so good to talk with you and to hear your voice! Just try and look out for yourself and dont forget you are in a strange land - where there is opp for attack od the enemy! Am praying for your health and protection - also that you will find a place to worship! Love Granny