Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some Vital Information

HELlo, HEllo, Hello,

Things have been interesting as always here in San José. I am once again the only American here in San José…however, supposedly I should be getting a volunteer visit in about a week so that a volunteer can sort of shadow me in my daily activities to see what it means to be a volunteer.

Speaking of volunteers, there is new news in the Peace Corps world…as of now, the volunteers in Honduras have to live with a host family the whole 2 years (they can´t live alone) because of the increased crime against volunteers who live alone. Furthermore, because of the economic situation in the states, PC volunteers can no longer extend for an extra year. That news surely made my mother happy. Lol. At one time I had actually considered extending, but I don´t think I really have a reason to now anyways and I no longer have the opportunity…everything always works out accordingly to God´s plan digo yo.

My activities are going well in my site…busy, but not really. One thing I have managed to do is DELEGATE and work with my community, which is supposedly more sustainable…I shall pray about this. There are very few activities and programs that I actually do by myself. This is good because while working with the Honduran counterparts, we are both learning from each other and gaining skills (me-patience and understanding).

I´m still living with my first host family…but the other house that I will officially move in to now has a toilet, so things are at least progressing. The lady told me that I should be able to move in 2 weeks or so once she gets the doors put in for the bathroom, shower, and my bedroom. (I believe necessities…right now there are just curtains or nothing covering these very private areas).
Speaking of toilets…the toilet in my house right now does not always flush very well…so sometimes I encounter nasty little treats because people forget or do not know (which one I´m not sure) how to correctly dispose of their wastes. I will share with you this important information in the case that you find yourself using a latrine one day (a toilet that does not flush):

1. Do your business.
2. After wiping…please fold your tissue conservatively and throw it in the trash so that other people using the bathroom do not have to see your waste.
3. Pick up the pailita (little bucket or bowl).
4. Fill it with water from the pila (large stone holding of water…also where you wash your hands and your clothes).
5. ¨Throw¨ the water (it is an art I have discovered) into the toilet at the angle in which the water goes down the hole…don´t dump the water straight down, but at a sort of angle. You will learn the technique with practice.
6. IMPORTANT…afterwards, you must wait to hear the slurpy type noise that will follow signifying that the toilet has indeed flushed. If you do not hear this noise…you must repeat steps 3-6 until this noise ensues.
7. Please, please, please, wash your hands…use the pailita once again to get the water out of the pila and use the bar of soap strategically placed at the pila…lather and YA!!

Right, so now you know…maybe one day you will be able to experience using a latrine (if you come visit me you could…)! But, no, normally the toilet works quite normally. I just wanted to share this information with you.

Well…on to more excited things…the countdown officially began as I now have 4 ½ months before returning to the states for Christmas and New Year!!! Yay!!

I can´t wait to see you all and the time is going by so fast. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a good time, not working too hard!

P.S.-I think it´s interesting that right now I´m reading two books with similar titles ¨The Sacred Heart¨ and ¨The Sacred Romance¨. Also, Kelsey and Tope (maybe Shetoria)…I just read a great Christian Romance novel called ¨Bookends¨ by Elizabeth Clark Higgins (I think that was her name)…It was SOO good!

Love ,