Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Grand Vacation

Hello Everyone!

Por fin, Tiffany (Yuna) and I went on vacation...we met in Copan Ruinas at the frontera between Honduras and Guatemala. We spent 1 day in Copan looking at the old Mayan ruins...she did cartwheels and I went in a tunnel. We got caught in the rain one time and sang our little hearts out!! We talked the WHOLE was so much fun. It was incredible that we never ran out of things to say. I suppose it was 2 years since we`d seen each other...long over due I say! We also enjoyed ice cream, cooked in the hostel (La Manzana Verde) which was SO pretty and clean.

Then, we went to my site in San José, La Paz. The bus ride was AWESOME...we laughed and talked the whole time. Once in San José, the first thing we did was try the baleadas (flour tortillas with beans, cheese, mantiquilla, and eggs) with some of the best coffee in San Josè!! She feel in love with both and we ended up ordering another We`re officially addicts. Then, we went home, cooked pies with apples and another with coconut and talked all night... The next day, we visited people in San Josè, walked around a little, she tried dulce de leche, more coffee, pan de casa (fresh hand-made bread), and we just hung around.

Then, we left again, but this time for TELA!! We had no idea where we would stay so the first thing we did was ask around for a cheap place...we stayed one night in a hotel about 4 blocks from the beach...then we went (as usual) to eat...this time we ate fish at a hotel right on the beach!! The fish was quite big and we also had tajaditas (fried green must try them...will cook them when I get home!) with a salad and rice. It was quite delicious and we sat down and talked for a long time with the guy that was working there because we were his only During this talk, Tiffany asks Jairo how much a room would cost and that is how it begins...we get a discount and the next day we are officially in the new hotel (Hotel Emmanuel) that is right on the beach. We wend up walking on the bach at night and talking/singing. Then, we end up kayaking during which I fall off the first time as Tiffany is laughing and not being helpful. Then, once we finally get on the kayak, it`s easy sailing. :) But, Tiffany ends up feeling bad, so we go back with go back out to sail when Tiffany loses her bottle and sandals and I fall out of the kayak once again to regain our things...once out at sea...we flip over from a big wave. LAUGHING the whole time!! It was definitely the highlight of the whole trip digo yo. LOL... Then that night, we treat ourselves to a pretty expensive dinner of fish and shrimp with coconut bread, salad, more tajaditas, and virgin margaritas.

The next morning, our trip ends, we say our goodbyes and plan for our next trip in January...this time in Guatemala. :)

HI tried to put photos, but couldn`t...will try later,