Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi All!!

Pues, yo se que estan esparando las fotos...entonces aqui estan...miranlas y disfrutan!!

This is my
COLGATE program with one of the teachers givig the charla...the kids are cute.

This is my birthday...the three little girls all made me things out of flowers and wrote my letters. lol.

This is also my birthday...when I went to my friends house in another town and we made the srawberry cheescake!! It was SOO good...I def. had a theme of red for my birthday with the clothes, the cheescake and then my friend got my a strawberry!

Playing at the soccer field in Camalote...with the Amigos de Americas. This guy is one of them...Roberto or Robert.

Excursion...beautiful view!! Yes, I spend most of my time walking up mountains going on excursions with the youth...I can not complain about life. lol

The Amigos de Americas...another help organization, but with high schools and me!

Las Marias...these ladies are awesome! They make the best bread or pan in town...I am always searching them out as my sweet tooth is ridiculous.

Making bread...the quick and easy way in the horno. It takes like 5 or 10 min. in this thing because it is incredibly hot and efficient.

Some of the girls in the youth group...on the excursion to Camalote otra vez y siempre.

This little guy is so cute brushing his teeth...he is really enjoying himself! Good for him...keeping those teeth clean!

Hope you enjoyed,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011



So, things have been going well in the community...getting busy. Right now, I'm working on COLGATE (dental hygiene) as always, the two English classes, helping the library get a reading corner, starting with a reading club in the elementary school, and finally starting the HIV/AIDS/abstinence program with the high-school kids.

I still haven't moved into my new house...but, still considering it and getting excited!! I'm excited to start cooking really. Speaking of cooking, I'm officially involved with a healthy eating/sharing recipes/vegetarian's through the Peace Corps. I'm not vegetarian, but I do love my veggies. Speaking of veggies, I'm in Teguz right now and I have the BEST lunch ever. I have a salad with oil dressing and a broccoli, cream cheese, walnut sandwhich on a toasted french baguette with a banana and passion fruit smoothie!! How great does that sound. I love coming to Teguz to eat good food!

Also, I've observed some other cultural things that I'm sure you all will appreciate. Since the 3 Amigos de Americas have been here (other American volunteers that are high-schoolers) they've really opened my eyes to things that I guess I've been taking for granted and just gotten used to. BUT, here goes:
1. The men love to lift up their shirts and rub their bellies.
2. They don't have lawnmowers...they use machetes. They use machetes here a lot actually. It was scary at first, but now it's quite normal for a man to be carrying a huge knife. lol.

Things I've learned:
1. learned how to make my own earrings courtsey of my PC friend, Anna who has a little factory in her house (exaggeration). lol.
2. Some men can be trusted and should be because they're nice to talk with and cute. :)

So for right now, just working...have plans to possibly see monkeys soon, go to Guatemala in November and Nicagaragua also and of course home for CHRISTMAS!! YAY!!! ALSO, still waiting for mother to confirm her trip here to Honduras next year. :)

Hope everyone is doing well...recovering from surgeries...losing weight...exercising...eating good American food, etc. Will post more pictures and videos soon. I just brought my memory disk, but these computers don't have a port for the disc. Anyways, next time!