Thursday, December 16, 2010


I hope the title didn´t make you think that I was going to talk a lot about Christmas, because I will save that until the next blog. HOWEVER, their have been a lot of cool things that have happened lately.

Thanksgiving Day-
We went to the orphange and cooked and ate and hung out with the children. I made sweet potatoe souflee and biscuits. It was SO much food! The kids were quite full at the end and I believe everyone was satisfied with the day. :)
Their´s only one nun working there and theres´s like 20 kids or something. So, I´m sure she enjoyed the help even if it was just for one day.

Also, since school ended, there were a ton of graduations and I personally attended 3. I missed some, but there were too many to go to! Anyways, I have some photos of the graduations for you guys. It was really interesting the way they do graduations because the God Father and God Mother are responsible for bringing a gift and escorting the student to get their diploma. I thought this was interesting because the parents don´t escort their own children.

Furthermore, the past weekend, the family and I went to Los Esposos, a village nearby with family. It was SO beautiful...LOTS of walking, but it was great weather and we had a lot of fun. We walked around almost the whole see the one school building with 2 classrooms, the one convenience store and the one half-built church. lol. It was quite small...but very peaceful. We also ended up seeing a river baptism, which was pretty cool. They sang, had a word from the Bible, and then baptised the youth (I think there were 6 in all).

All in all, it has been going good...during these times of vacations I´m just teaching one English Class and helping start a newspaper. Also, since my town is very big in cafe, I´m going to help harvest cafe and stuff like that. But, there are SO many more exciting things coming up as it gets closer to Christmas. I can´t wait to pots my next blog about Christmas! It´s going to be beautiful!!

Talk to you soon and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!