Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time in GA!

Hello Everyone!

So, I'm at home in GA!! Got here December 19th and return to Honduras Jan. 6th!! This Christmas was GREAT...we went to a Christmas Eve Service at 12 Stone Church here nearby the house. We sung Christmas songs, talked about the Lord, all that He's done for us, sang some more, had some glow stick action, and prayed out. :)

Also, of course, we did some shopping... I have my first pair of skinny jeans. lol. They are SO much better with boots than regular jeans. Also, I have many new earrings, TONS of chocolates (the good stuff!), books, a purse, 2 watches, etc. I feel quite blessed. Also, I got a manicure and pedicure as well as eyebrow wax...I feel very womanly, as I should. lol :)

THEN, tomorrow, the real fun starts...I'm about to possibly climb Stone Mountain, go bowling, go skating, or ice skating, and to the movies!! Those are the best gifts...doing fun things with fun people and laughing hysterically as I always need to!!

It has definitely been interesting coming back home to GA...I missed Honduras really bad those first couple of days, but now I think I'm ok. Still pretty anxious to get back to Honduras, but I am enjoying myself at home. Everything is pretty different here, though... everything is cleaner, there's no trash on the streets, people are more trusting (possibly because we actually have a police force that does there job), everything is SOOO techy (everyone is on their iPhone or has their Wii or whatever), and everyone speaks English (sometimes I forget this and speak Spanish...but no one's complained

But, anyways, all is well. I'm glad to be home...eating A LOT, but playing that XBox Kinect game too (the dance one and the other games, so hopefully I won't be gaining too much weight with all these sweets and chocolates. :)

Hope everyone has/had an awesome Christmas and see you in the NEW YEAR!! Many changes to come I feel!

Victoria :)