Friday, May 20, 2011

A day in the life of a volunteer

Well, I guess, it should more appropriately say in my life instead of a volunteer´s life…because this really does depend what country you go to, where you go in the country (city or country) ,who you´re working with (how many organizations you´re working with) and what project you´re working on.

For me, I´m in Honduras (more developed than some places, but still less developed than the U.S.), in a small town/village with 5,000 people in all and only 2,000 that actually live in the area I´m at because my town has like 12 outlying communities or other villages. Therefore, it´s pretty small, but not the smallest it could be. Also, I´m working with 3 counterparts-the high school with around 300 students in all the 6 grades they have! Also, I´m working with a youth group and a Culture and Tourism Group.

With those 3 groups, I´m actually quite busy….so my day goes something like this:
6:30ª.m.-wake up after hitting snooze at the 6:15ª.m. alarm/baby crying/rustling in the family household / possible music playing loudly.
7a.m.-Get myself together, have a bible study (still working on this).
8ª.m.-Take shower, eat breakfast (tortilla, beans, cheese, avacado, maybe eggs-normal, also I might have oatmeal, pancakes (rare), or cereal (that I supply myself because I LOVE it!)
From here on is where it gets a little crazy…different every day! But, usually, I have 2 things in the morning and 1 or 2 things in the afternoon that could include meetings with groups to plan activities, English clubs and class with teachers, projects (HIV/AIDS, Dental Hygiene, etc.), visiting families, using the computer, etc.
ALSO, I find it very interesting that almost every lunch here at my host familie´s house includes rice, a Little meat, veggie and fruit juice. Very interesting…I´m def. noticing this pattern.
5p.m.-usually I go home around this time and eat dinner, read, do some planning for the next day, maybe watch some t.v. in the “living room area” (I say this is in quotations to not decieve you into thinking this is something luxurious as it is also used as the dining room and we don´t have couches…which is sometimes a Little sad for me) is not occuppied by other viewers.
9:30p.m.-10:30p.m.-Go to SLEEP (of course I sleep past this time, this is just the hour usually when I fall asleep)

Pictures to come and look at my facebook...there are so many new photos on there!


Monday, May 9, 2011

What's Going On!?

Hope all is going awesome with everyone back in GA!! Can't wait to visit for Christmas...another reason to look forward to the holidays! lol.

Anyways, many a thing have been going on these days...Spiritually, in life in general, etc.
Spritually, I feel like I've been struggling about getting involved with my church here, being generous, etc. BUT, after reading a great and hard book to read, Crazy Love, I've realized (with the leading of the Holy Spirit) that I need to get more involved with the church here(not just because it's a rule or anything, but because I feel like somehting's missing in my life if I don't). I definitely have been feeling lukewarm and I DO NOT want, that has been hard because the reason I didn't want to get involved is because I will be leaving in 1 yr. (if God allows) and I didn't want to get too involved and then have to leave...AND, deep down I was actually scared that I would like it and the Lord would ask me to stay in Honduras.

I have mixed feelings about this...I struggled with this quite a bit (crying and all) because naturally I have my own desires and plans...BUT, the Lord's will is number 1! That is SOOO hard to say, but it is true. But, anyways, another part of me thinks that not getting involved in the church for fear of the Lord asking me to stay was just a plot of the enemy so that I would become lukewarm. BUT, anyways, just pray for me all that I would be able to accept what the Lord has for my life and NEVER be lukewarm.

Also, some other updates:

1. I'm officially having laser hair removal done for my underarms, legs, and other areas (don't be nosey-lol). Anyways, I'm SOO excited, cause it's working!! I have less hair under my arms and it's awesome...I feel more like a warm!!

2. In July (next month), I should be moving out to my new home...still living with people, but a whole lot less people so it should be more quite, I'll have more space, my room will be nicer ANDDD...I'll get to cook for myself-every single meal!! I'm so excited, I'm already planning for my cooking adventures!!

Did a Spelling Bee and working on a program for preventing HIV/AIDS, still working with the dental hygiene program, have 2 English classes going right now, and other stuff not to mention lots of other non-work, but fun things coming up...Mushroom Festival, Corn Festival (tal vez), my BIRTHDAY, etc.

Quote of a lifetime---God is good-Life is good!!

Here are some pictures for your purusing...

This is actually just a week ago on an excursion with the youth...

This is during Easter- Monica is french-braiding my hair. lol

These are "apples"...they're actually hollow inside, but sort of similiar to regular apples.

Talk with you soon...still need to upload videos!!