Friday, September 24, 2010

The Beginning in San Jose, La Paz!

I hope all is well...I haven´t posted in a while! But, it´s because it´s been crazy here trying to find a good computer and you´ll have to wait on photos because I can´t get this computer to load my pictures. But, anyways, I´m officially in San Jose, my site for 2 years. It is indeed pretty and sort of small )so I don´t get lost), but it´s sort of big too.

Life Here
So far, we´ve had two celebrations in the town: The Honduras Independence Day on Sep. 15 and the Day of the Hight School, which was fun. We danced and ate and hung out. Also, on that day, they sent up fireworks or firecrackers at 6am in the morning, so that was fun to wake up to! :=o Also, I´ve visited a little of the outlying communities ,and it´s a very peaceful place. Also, sometimes very cold and now with the Hurricane season, it rains A LOT!!! Like it rained all night last night, literally. But, it was peaceful and it cools things down. However, that doesn´t help during showers. The water here is extra cold than the water in my other two homes. My family says it´s because the water coms straight from the mountain, we live in a mountain and so it´s cold, but fresh water! I drink straight from the faucet and nothing has happened! Praise the Lord! But, anyways, I´ve started to boil my water for my showers and take bucket baths. A warm luxurious bucket bath is better any day than a shower with cold water. lol.

So far, I´ve given 4 charlas, or talks, in my site and they´ve all been about safe sex, values, rights of children, etc. It has been interesting. But, many people and young children have attended!! So it´s been a success I think so far. Also, I must mention that I don´t give the charlas alone, I have a Honduran counterpart that helps me.

The family here that I live with is really nice. They have a lot of patience with my, especially now when I´m eating more selectively and less because I want to lose wait! They had me eating like 10 tortillas a day and everything fried! So, I´m cuting down to 3 tortillas a day, because I do like them-they´re fresh made with fresh corn!! OMG, they are good. But, yeah, and I´m drinking less coffee, eating less cookies ,and more fruits!! That´s my plan as well as walking more...I don´t think I´ll run, though! But, anyways, the food is good!!! I love plantains, rice with milk, the tamales, the juice, everything!! My family makes juice of nancee, lemon, and´s SOO good! Also, I have 9 other people in the house with me and their are 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!! lol. But, one of the bathrooms is inside the apt. of the teacher who lives downstairs. So really there are 9 people using one bathroom. But, it doésn´t seem to be a problem. There are 2 younger girls of around 5 and 10 years of age, 3 teenage girls or 14 to 15 years, 2 teachers who rent the rooms downstairs, and the mom and dad- the owners of the house. But, it´´s nice to have so many people in the house because I never get bored and their´s always someone to talk to. So, all is well with the fam.

New things with Me
I drink coffee, now! I never knew this day would come, but I actually like it! AND, the coffee here is extra fresh because they grow it in the backyard. So, I don´t know it I´ll coffee in the U.S. the same, we´ll see. Also, I got a haircut, finally. You´ll see it when I get the pics up. The mosquitos are biting my like crazy!! My host cousin painted my nails for me...yeah that´s prety much it for now.

Let me know how everything´s going in the U.S.!!
Love you all,


  1. Hello Victoria, Everything sounds amazing. I am excited about seeing your haircut. And please let me caution you about the Coffee....very addictive and if that is fresh it is probably alot stronger than here. Please be careful, not a good addition to come off of, I have done it once. Remember to drink plenty of juice and water. Glad to hear you are cutting down on the tortillos too. Your work sounds exciting and I am so glad the family there understands you and helps you. They seem very nice, can't wait to meet them. The weather here is still hot, no rain as of yet. They say we might get some this weekend, we will see. Buddy is getting bigger, I made another video of him today and will try to post on Facebook for you tonight. Tony took me today for my back injection (Epidural), it went great, I have slept off and on all day and seem better. Will rest the remaining of the weekend and hope to catch on online or hear from you by phone. Still waiting on the answer on the job I applied for at work too. They say it is a long process. Cant wait to see pics of the girls at your home, I bet they are cuties. Glad to know they are keeping you plenty busy. Enjoy yourself and keep me updated as always and I will see you soon. My plans are coming along great and I am staying positive. I told you about the great deal on Inverval Intl, right? I was having to renew to make my exchanges and it orig. was $148/yr, got a notice in the mail Thursday for $89 for 3 yrs. I love it, will pay it next Friday and that will open up the Calendar for me to see openings available at the resort there in Honduras for Jan,Feb.and Mar. So I should know something soon. Let me know how it is there about you taking off work a week when I come to see you. Also,I noticed some of the things you are wanting you on your profile,we will talk about them when you call.
    I LOVE YOU and I am always glad to hear from you.....awaiting a call this weekend. MOM....Hugs and Kisses.

  2. Hello daughter. I am working on getting that package to you this week. Talked to your Uncle Greg and he is going to help me with the postage. I have located your jeans and flannel pj's, socks, gloves, I will send one of your scarfs and I found one long sleeve shirt so far. Let me know if you want the SanFrancisco jacket or what else. Keep warm, I love you, Mom....Hugs and kisses