Monday, September 6, 2010

So Much Moving!!

This past week was the last week in Talanga. We wrapped up training, had a celebration in our school, which was very nice! We cut up fruit and had salsa and bean dip and cookies and cokes as well as a pinata, of course! It was very nice...the children really enjoyed it and the got to present their songs that they learned in English (Old McDonald and BINGO) with their masks of the different animals and their tambourines that we made out of plastic plates and beans! AND, we displayed their artwork. SO, I think it was a great ending and a great success. It was very emotional leaving because it's very possible that it will be my last time seeing them. But, even though we were only with their school for 7 weeks (2 days a week), we could already see the change in some of the children. For example, one of the little girls was very shy in the beginning, she wouldn't even participate, she would just stand outside the classroom. But, by the end, she was the one making the most noise...meowing randomly during the performance. It was so great to see her break out of her shell! Many children here have that problem becuase they don't get much experience presenting in front of people like we do in the states. They normally just copy what their teacher writes on the board. AND, they don't get to attend school much anyways because of teacher strikes, etc. SO, it was good that we were able to come in and help facilitate a different type of learning.

So, anways, we're all back to our original site near Teguz, now and it's SO weird being back, but it's good because that means we're even closer to getting into our sites!! We leave this Saturday for our sites and we meet our counterparts (the people we'll work with in our communities for 2 years) on Friday and then we will go the American Embassy and get sworn-in as volunteers in the Peace Corps!!! How crazy is that!!!?? It's all very exciting...I can't wait to be in my site. But, I must wait and live this week out.

Hope all is well in the States...keep me updated on the news, cause we don't get much American news here. However, I did here about Hurricane Earl...did it really do anything bad?

Also, enjoy the photos:

My bedroom with my Mosquito Net...cause I'm not trying to get Malaria or Dengue!

My family in Talanga...Host Dad (Don Rogelio), Me, Host Mom (Dona Antonia), y Host Brother (Barron)

Host family with host sister (Gabby)

The School with all the children...the girl in the yellow dress in the front row was the really shy one.

One of the girls who helped us a lot during our time in the school...preciosa!

Keep me updated!


  1. Hello daughter, those are beautiful children you worked with. And a very nice family in Talanga. I know you are glad to be outta the city though. Hope you rest well in the quiet country this week and get ready for your big weekend swearing in. Will we see pics of you being sworn in? I know you have done well. The weather her at home is cooling down in the 60s for the mornings and low 80s in the afternoons. I see where there is a tropical storm headed for Mexico/Texas this week, could turn into a Hurricane they predict when it hits land. Also, Guatamala is having landslides from all the rainfall. Shows you all are still getting the scattered thunderstorms. Are you getting any of that rain where you are? Enjoy your week and keep me informed of how you are doing? I love you and I am very proud of what you are doing there. Hugs and kisses, Mom

  2. Hurricane Earl was by far the most over hyped natural disaster yet. I was on lock down from 8pm to 2am last Friday because it was supposed to completely destroy my town...I saw fourteen raindrops, lol. Anyway, I like your bedroom...or your old bedroom I was cute!

  3. Hi Victoria!
    Well, exciting news that you are soon to be moved to your permanent site. Isn't it amazing how quickly you can form relationships with new people - especially children who come to love and trust you. Just think what will happen in 2 years! Take care - get some rest now because I bet you will really be busy soon! Love you and continue to pray for you, Aunt Sandra

  4. Hi Victoria - glad you are enjoying your time there and seeing that you are helping the precious children! God is enabling you to be what you need to be by His Holy Spirit anointing! I am staying home Aug. & Sept. taking care of personal business - and looking forward to getting back into more ministry after Oct. 1st - as the Holy Spirit directs! Had a blessed week-end on Lake Oconee with Sharon & Lavonne on Labor Day! Dennis has a ministry on YOUTUBE.COM at DJRUFF39 - HOPE YOU CAN LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC! Talk later - love & prayers - Granny

  5. Thanks, everyone...the rain has def. been crazy here in Honduras, too. There have been a couple of streets destroyed in Teguz and here in my site, it rains often!!
    Glad to hear that all is well at school, Shetoria and you didn´t drowned or anything.

    Thanks for the prayers and glad all is well Granny and Sandy!!


  6. Also, Sandy and Granny, I do still need a bible with both english and spanish and some other things that I put to the right and my address is:

    Victoria Bailey
    Recomandado a:
    Prof. Gustavo Adolfo Dominguez
    Barrio Nuevo
    San Jose, Lapaz, Honduras C.A.

    Can`t wait to get some mail! :)

  7. Hey Victoria, Thank your for the new address. I will send the rest of your stuff now. Did you ever get the other package I sent? Will you receive mail here quicker at this address? Hope to hear from you this weekend. The rainy season is almost over there isn't it? I thought it ended in October? Stay dry and call me. Goodnite, I love you, Mom

  8. I have not yet recieved the package you sent nor the letter that Granny sent, but this address is much better for recieveing things. Actually, because of the Hurricane season coming up, the rain will prob. continue.
    Call you soon,
    Love you!

  9. Hello daughter, Hope you are doing well, we had some rain here this weekend,really cooled things off. Hope you are staying dry. Maybe one day I will be able to talk you into buying those rain boots that you are being so stubborn about. I love you and have a great week. It was a wonderful surprise to hear from you this morning too, but please do not worry about us here, you take care of yourself. LOve always, MOM

  10. Dear Victoria - practicing how to use this comment space - just got hooked to Internet on my lap-top! When you get a chance look up (bay/ this is awesome revival in Mobile,Al - went on Dec 5th! Also watch for the ads for Richard Roberts (ORU) Crusade in Honduras in February - hasn't given dates yet! Look forward to seeing you in March - Love Granny - (my email - (