Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pictures At Last!

This is the Principal of the High School in my town-Prof. Vinda. I work with her to plan things with the High School.

This is my host dad-they´re own a trip.

These are three of the girls who live in the house-the girl with the checked hat Merari, the girl in the middle Jasinta and the one drinking, Elda.

This is one of the girls-Elda' in my house dancing with the two younger girls-Jarissa and Jarisel.

This is a street in my town.

This is the Biblioteca that was built a long time ago by another PC volunteer.

This is the view in the backyard from my pila where I wash my clothes and my hands. lol

This is a view of the backside of the house.

On the left is the bathroom, it´s actually really clean and nice. On the right is the shower.

This is our kitchen with our fogon. We also have a stove and fridge, though.

This is the store that´s attached to the house. It´s small, but very handy with spices, eggs, meats, flour, chips, cookies, sodas, etc.

This is our living room. We don´t have sofas, but the chairs are pretty comfortable and that´s where we watch the telenovelas or honduran soap operas. lol.

This is us in the restaurant. Our last day together. H17 Youth Development Girls.

This is a picture with a member of my community who picked me up to take me to San Jose for my first day and the Ambassador of the U.S. Embassy in Honduras.

This is the U.S. Embassy in Honduras. It´s pretty nice.

Ok, more fotos to come, but I need to leave the cafe before I spend too much money and it gets too hot here in La Paz, La Paz. I just left a get-together with all the volunteers in the department of La Paz. There were like 15 or more of us. It was fun. We ate guacamole, salsa, hummus, chips, cookies, pineapple, oranges, pizza, hung out and talked FOREVER!! I actually got to talk a good bit about my life as a Christian-they were So interested. It´s amazing how God comes up all the time. So, I thank the Lord for that ministering opp. AND, it was nice to talk in English for a whole DAY!! I´m excited and I´m also exicted to get back to my site where it´s cool. It´s too hot here.

Anyways, hope all is well and enjoy the photos.


  1. The pictures are nice. I of course,like the ones of you,you are so beautiful. I like what you have done with your hair too. Are those new earrings that you got there? They are nice. And the pics of your place is amazing too. Glad to hear you had fun hanging out last night and as always it was good hearing from you today. Hope you have a great blessed week and we pray your pkgs come this week too. Take care and remember to let them know you are taking off 2 days a week to rest and relax.I love you see you soon. Hugs and kisses, Mom

  2. It was great seeing the pictures! You look very happy in the picture - I think this is all agreeing with you - right? I wanted to let you know that I am mailing the Spanish-English Bible to you today. I don't know how long it will take for you to get it, but hopefully soon. Have a wonderful week and keep the news coming. I love to read all about it! Well, today is Granny's birthday - 79! Can't believe she will soon be 80 years old, can you? We are OK, just busy. I better run for now. Love & blessings - Aunt Sandra

  3. Hi Victoria I pray for you & your strength in your mom. I pray his continued wedge of protection around you, Victoria even though we didn't spend alot of time with you but what we did spend you have changed Ericc & my life. We luv you & I pray your health. Take care

  4. Thanks everyone for the support, and packages, and prayer! I love you all! Glad all is well in GA...I´ll prayerfully be coming that way July next year and Christmas next year. :)
    Sorry I´m missing all the birthday´s though, that´s a little upsetting, but next time...
    It´s good to hear from you Phyllis, hope all is well with you and Ericc! :)

    Talk with you all soon,

  5. Vic, I have been reading your stories for the last 2 days & know that you are just taking my breath away with the sure signs of GOD's awesomeness towards his children especially when we are in his will. So you keep doing what he leads you to do & sure enough he's got you covered also know that the others will receive it. You will continue to be in my prayers when we get our computer back Ericc will be able to blog with you or whatever it is that you need her to do. I know that you have a lot on your plate but if Ericc can see these stories & hear the life in your stories I know that will help her as well because she talks about you all of the time still.. & I will continue to pray for you & mom's strength (I am trying to get her to come over for the Holidays)(I 'll keep praying for that Luv you take care

  6. Thanks, Phyllis...I´m been trying to figure out how to get in touch with Ericc. I don´t have her e-mail address! Maybe we can talk on here and e-mail!?

    See you soon,