Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It´s August!

I´m in an Internet Cafe, so forgive the errors cause the keyboard doesn´t work great. LOL.

So, these days are CRAZY busy because we´re working in schools giving talks and teaching classes. We have groups (there are four in all in my group) and we go to a school nearby that has two classrooms, 40 students, one bathroom (with no toilet paper or water), and one teacher! It´s amazing. But, speaking of schools...the Education Situation here in crazy. Right now, for about a week the teachers in all of Honduras have been on strike which means that the students haven´t had class in a week. This occurs often and it really sad for the students. But, it´s because the government doesn´t want to pay the teachers and they want to privatize the school system and make the families pay cause right now the government pays a lot of the schooling and they´re out of money! It´s really horrible. AND, the children only go to school for like 4 hours a day anyways when the do go to school, so the Education System def. needs to change. But, that´s one reason why we´re here because we don´t get paid anyways so we´ll always show up. lol.

This past week was filled with fun things as usual--
We learned some Honduras folk dances...mostly footwork.
The caves were awesome! Bats, views, random animals on the side of the hill, etc.
We all got together one time afterschool and watched Juno in Spanish and had lots of chips and cookies (as always). Speaking of chips, they have AWESOME fried plaintain chips here...they´re def. my fav... :) And, of course I LOVE the chocolate bananas and the homemade icecicle pops made of fruit juice and chunks of fruit (apples, bananas, watermelon). OMG and they´re all SO cheap. Only like 2-3 lempiras (1 lepmira is 20 US dollars). So, I´m very excited about that situation of course. :)

ALSO, we got to teach students some English, which went really well and then after we gave them some balloons in the shape of dogs that one of the Staff made. SO funny.

So, I would also like to take some time to discuss the insects here. During movie night (a different one-we watched ¨What Women Want¨in English) all of a sudden one of the girls got up really fast and said there was a huge bug on the, usually I´m not scared of bugs...but this was no normal bug. I was bigger than a cockroach and it had longer legs that were raised in the front. IT WAS SO GROSS! So, naturally I climed on the chair... then, when I got home one day and was about to do some homework and I was minding my own business, all of sudden something quickly scurries away and I see that it was a cockroach. I SCREAM (cause it´s in my room)!! And then, I like freeze cause I can see it and I don´t know what to do. Then, it runs away and I´m upset cause I didn´t kill it. It´s still in my room. :(

Funny Story---
So, washing my panties here is interesting with a larger family that has two sons (one is 17 and the onther is 22). SO, naturally, I don´t hang my panties outside cause that´s awkard....I put them in my room. But, I haave to wash them. Why is it that everytime I´m washing my panties my younger bro comes over to the pila to get some water!!! SO awkward. I need him to find a better when I´´m washing my shirts. Anways, also one time I was in the bathroom and I saw some panties that looked like mine on the floor of the bathroom and I was SO embarassed so I quickly picked them up and took them to my room. WELL, when I went to wash them I realized they actually weren´t mine!! I think they were my host mom´s. SO, I put them back in the bathroom.LOL

So, has been interesing. AND, there is much more to tell...but till next time. :)


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  1. Beware of the bugs!!! Find that thang and stomp it. LOL You know what I think about them thangs. :o) I can't wait to see ya, have fun and thank you for blogging. I know you are having a great time. Hope to see you soon....Be good and don't eat too many of those chocolate bananas, remember our talk about bananas. Looks like you are making some great friends there,keep up the good work. As always, I am very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Love you, Mom