Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's Going On?

This week has been SO busy!! We had a birthday party for two or the staff members and we made a pinata and some dessert...cake and apple crumble type stuff.

ALSO, yesterday was our first day to go into a school and work with the children on our was very interesting. First, we had to take transportation because it's about 15 minutes away (I'm in a grop with three other people). Well, the transportation was crazy! The buses go incredibly fast, play really loud music (mostly in English), and are really crowded. There's no more personal Yeah, so the people here really like English music, particularly rap and pop. AND, they sing to's really funny. :) So, anways, once we got to the school we split the kids up and played games with them and made a calendar with some of them about when we'll be coming to the school, etc. It went pretty well, there were some mistakes (one kid got a bloody nose playing red rover, etc.), but overall it was good times. We played a treasure hunt game with the kids where they had to go find stuff, some of which was trash and then at the end we told them that they had just recycled as well as played a game! So, it's like hitting two birds with one and recycling/cleaning up! :)

ALSO, today my family got PIZZA cause they went to Teguz (the big city)'s been like 5 weeks since I've had pizza...OMG, I was SO excited! lol. I ate 4 pieces in like 2 minutes. lol. :) I was so excited to see American food.

Also, in case you're wondering what a typical day is like for me, here goes:
I wake up at 5:30a.m., take a cold bucket bath.
*I'm sure I look very funny as I gasp at how cold it is! lol.
Then, I read a little and listen to some music, then I eat breakfast...I really want more pancakes...anyways, then I go to school at 7:30p.m. (I walk with other peoples) and we have language class in the morning for 4 hours, break for lunch, and 4 more hours of technical training (train us for working with youth and train us on particular programs)
*For example, one day we learned how to teach sports to children and we're always leaning games to play with them as icebreakers.
And sometimes after class I have language tutorials for an hour and then sometimes we play soccer after school or do other things. SO, I usually get home around 6p.m. or 7p.m. and have dinner, hang out with the family (watch t.v.-the favorite pastime) and then go to bed...I might try to study a little before. BUT, that's pretty much training each day for the next 6 weeks of my life before I'm put into my site where it will be MUCH different because I might possibly be the only volunteer/American there. LOL. Pray for me that I would have an amazing site and a great host family there with hot water...gracias! :)

So...this weekend! SO excited...I'm going to church tomorrow! I've been looking for a church nearby cause I don't want to walk alone for too can get crazy, you know. AND, some of us are going to go explore some caves nearby our town! I'm SOOOO excited. I get to use my headlamp for the first legitimate time. (I've only used it for a helping me to find my bed at night so far). LOL!




  1. That is an amazing day!!! And I know you will do well at your home site. I totally forgot to ask if you found the church...sounds like you did. GREAT!!! You will have to let me know how it is tomorrow. It was good as always being able to talk to you this weekend. Can't wait to hear if you get your packages I sent. Have fun, be safe and I LOVE YOU always, Mom. Hugs and kisses.

  2. Hi, Victoria! Thanks for the update and the recap of your daily routine. I really liked the part about getting up at 5:30 and having a cold bucket bath! Ha Ha. If you have 6 weeks before you go to your work site will you have the language down by then or will they speak English there?? Do you know yet where that will be? How was the cave exploration....can't wait to hear all about it. What type of church service did you attend? Love, Aunt Sandra

  3. Dos preguntas (you see what I did there? Using the Spanish Dora the Explorer taught me, lol): 1. Is Teguz like a real city or the nickname for Tegucigalpa? Because if it's two different cities, I would like the naming committee to do better. 2. When you get a new site will it still be in Honduras or somewhere else completely?



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  6. LOL...So, I actually missed church because I didn´t find about it until an hour before and they had already left once I realized they were leaving...very sad.
    The cave was great...the views outside the cave was even better and the long walk to the cave was beautfiful. Inside the cave was hot and had bats, so it was ok. It was just about the experience. Also, I found out that everyone had peed outside before and I hadn´t, so everyone ¨taught me¨ with words of course how to pee stading up, etc. VERY funny. Once I arrive to my site it´s all Spanish...all Spanish in this country and other languages too, but no English.

    Yeah, Teguz is a short way of saying Tegucigalpa and it´s the main city in Honduras. My site will be in Honduras also. :)

    I´m SO excited to get into my site!

    Love you all,

  7. Hello daughter, sounds like you enjoyed the cave experience and I have to ask how was the peeing standing up? LOL WOW....I know you experiencing alot there. I have looked online for the book you ask about and Tony Torres told me there is an electronic handheld device too that I will check on as well. Take care and hope to talk to you again soon. I LOVE YOU, Mom

  8. Well, I only tried it in the suggestion from my more experienced friends. But, it wasn´t bad, the pee didn´t run down my leg or anything. I was quite surprised. But, I´ve yet to try it out in the woods...I need more time. Love you, call you soon. Victoria

  9. Hello Victoria - I am at the Senior Center as computer at Applewood has bad virus! All is well here - had lunch yesterday with Greg and his friend Pam! Enjoyed meeting her and beginning to get acquainted! She and Greg are attending a Baptist church in Bethlehem - however next Sunday evening - Oct 3rd - will attend Monroe Ch of God in Monroe with me at 6:30PM! Keep them in prayer - there are things to be worked out in both their lives!Glad they are getting back to God! I am compiling all my teachings that I have saved over the years into a notebook - which hope to get published soon! Looking forward to passing these along to others as You dont hear them these days - too much modernizm and legalism in churches! I pray the Holy Spirit will anoint and minister these to everyone who reads and studies all the scriptures included! DO YOU NEED ANY TYPE OF SPRAY FFOR THE MOSQUITOS? If so, let me know! We are enjoying your blogs and of course the pictures! Take care of yourself - continue too eat healthy and walk! Be blessed and fulfilled! Love and prayers - Granny