Sunday, July 25, 2010 I don't have a computer so I haven't been able to blog. BUT, so great. Praise the Lord because my friend next door has a computer and internet. :)

Anways, I also feel as though I should say more about the Honduran culture.
The culture...
So, people here always say "cheke", which means cool. Also, it's normal for men to stay in the house with their family when they're old (like 29 years old). I was really surprised!
The men piropo here, which means that men are always saying things when women pass by...sometimes a little nasty, but luckily I don't know what they're saying. But, one day it might hurt my feelings.)

The food...
The bannanas here are SO cheap. 2 lempiras...That's like $.10. I LOVE bannanas.
Also, here I eat...beans, rice, tortillas, pico de gallo, cereal with HOT milk, guacomole, etc. I LOVE the food here!

At first, the hot milk was interesting, but I actually like it. There are some things that I don't of the fruits here is not so tasty. BUT, I love fruits. Also, they eat a lot of sweet bread and there is always a pulperia on the corner, which is like a family owned store. It's a cheap way for people to get money. There's at least one on every corner! And, most of the time, their house is attached. LOL.

The house...
My house doesn't have running water most times. BUT, we have plenty of water that they store in big containers near the toilet, in the shower and near all the sinks. It's really interesting taking a bucket bath every day. But, we have two or three televisions. AND, my family is really clean. They clean (my host brother who's 17 actually..which is also intereing in a machismo culture that a man cleans) every week by sweeping, mopping, and dusting. The house is also pretty spacious with a huge back to come.

The toilet...
You CANNOT put the toilet paper in the toilet. Also, sometimes you have to throw water in the toilet pretty hard to flush the toilet. It's pretty fun. LOL.

My project (Youth Development)...
What we do...Yo Merezco (Preventing Teen Pregnancy), drug prevention, teaching English to adults, Colgate (teaching children to brush their teeth), tutoring Math, Spelling, Reading, etc.

More next time because this is really long.
Love you,


  1. Esto suena increíble! Parece que usted también está aprendiendo mucho sobre su cultura. Sabía que iba a disfrutar de la comida, yo no creo que se comería el guacamole. LOL No puedo esperar hasta que usted recibe el paquete para ver cómo si las cookies sobrevivir al viaje. Mantener el buen trabajo y tratar de hacernos saber cómo se encuentra. Y ha sido genial hablar con el ya por teléfono este fin de semana también. TE AMO siempre, Mamá

  2. Dear Victoria, A very interesting update! You seem to be taking what we would consider here as "inconveniences" in your stride - that is great. Keep your positive attitude and it will make a world of difference in all you do! The food sounds healthy, and you sound happy. Both two very good things! I look forward to hearing more soon. How is your Spanish coming along? Looks like your Mom has been working on hers....or did she buy a Spanish dictionary just to show off! Love, Aunt Sandra

  3. I ADORE your optimism. Your always like "something not so great" BUT "I like this amazing part of it"! Even flushing the toilet, LOL. You entertain me. Stay happy!

  4. Yes Shetoria she as always been the one to turn even bad moments into happy ones, this is why I miss her so much. And then there are some people that I am related to that don't like for others to be happy when they are not. For this reason, I have disassociated myself with them. I will only be associated with positive people. Thank you Aunt Sandra, but I do not think I have to show off to communicate with Victoria and no I don't need a Spanish dictionary. Thank you.

  5. Hola Victoria, yo sólo tenía que conseguir que fuera de mi pecho. Yo extraño mucho. Ya conocen nuestra familia se altera. Usted me trae momentos más felices, aunque no está aquí. Espero que estén teniendo una semana maravillosa. TE AMO, mamá