Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moving Once Again!


This past week has been crazy! I went on my volunteer visit in Victoria, Yoro. It was HOT! But, the town was cute and the volunteer was nice and she taught us how to make tortillas and other Honduran dishes.

So,, today I'm leaving for a different site, where I'll be for 7 weeks before I return here. I feel like all I do is move these days. It's definitely interesting! LOL.

Anyways, all is well. Last week, I actually saw a movie at the theatres. I forgot the name of it (it was something with that really white guy from Twilight). Anways, it was pretty cool...there were four of us Americans in the theatre and then we had Chruches Chicken to eat. LOL. I felt like I was back in the U.S. But, then reality hit once again.

So far, I feel like all we've really talked about is the culture of Honduras. But, these next 7 weeks will be more about the youth, which is the area that I'm working with. SO, we shall see. :) AND, language...OMG, I really need to get better on my langauge. Also, I miss church. :( I need more of the Lord...but, I try to read the Bible and I'm SO glad I put sermons on my MP3 player...very helpful!!

Also, below are some pictures for your enjoyment..especially because I might not have access to a computer like this in a while.

This is the crazy driveway that I have to climb each day...well, not any more for 7 weeks.

This is Santa Lucia...a nearby city.

This is our training center in Honduras.

PC Training Center again.

The Honduran flag...of course.

Talk with you soon,


  1. Hello sweetheart,I am really sorry we didn't get to talk much today before you left. I know you will be fine and always pray that you are safe and well wherever you go. Call me when you can, I am sorry that I didn't hear my phone ring tonight when you called. The picture of you is beautiful as always and that driveway is crazy. I would think your legs are good shape after walking there everyday. I love you and hope to hear from you soon. Take care and God Bless you and Be with you always. Love you, MOM

  2. Hi Victoria! I enjoyed your last entry and the pictures, too. I know some wonderful adventures are waiting for you these next 7 weeks. It sounds as if you are ready to get down to work! I hope you will find a computer to use so you can send updates to all your "fans". You must get your love of traveling from your Granny - she is in Lakeland now. I know God is watching over you and that you will experience Him in new & wonderful ways through all of this. Love, Aunt Sandra