Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I can't believe the it's Wednesday already! Lots has happened. On Monday, I bought two loafs of bread. They are fresh and I'm SO excited to get them! I recieve them tomorrow! I ordered cheese bread and apple bread. :)

Also, by the way, there are these pretty incredible cookie/crackers here called Marias. I'm not sure if they also have them in the states, but you should check them out if you see them! Here they're only $0.50! So, anyways...the food here is GREAT! I get eggs, beans, rice, meat, tortillas, and cheese most nights. Last night, however, I got a soup. It was pretty good. I'm not much of a soup person, though. AND then last Sunday, we went to a great restaurant in Teguz called Pollo Tropical where we had Yuca fries! OMG, you should try these, they're really good. I also had platanos and platanos verde fried. It was all very good. And, they gave us like a half a chicken! It was SO much to eat. But, along with this eating, I walk around and up hills a lot so I should still be pretty healthy. AND, I eat many fruits here...anways...I love food too much.

Furthermore (because I want to use a different word than also), today we learned about teaching styles, classroom management, how to keep the class interested, we learned about the importance of reflection after teaching something, etc. I will talk more about this next week because I feel like I'm hogging the computer. BUT, in 1&1/2 weeks or so, I leave for FBT where I might not have a computer as easily accessible. So, I'm trying to use the computer while I have it. :)

Also, today we went to the market in groups of around 9. The market was in Tegucigalpa and it was pretty nice. It was a little dirty and smelled bad in the meat section, but I mean, it was ok. I didn't take any pictures because they advised us not to bring ANYTHING except ourselves and money hidden in various pockets. We couldn't have our bookbags, necklaces, fancy looking glasses, and we couldn't wear fancy looking clothes that would draw attention to us because it's a little dangerous in the major city.

Also, I have pictures from various places that I've been meaning to put up. I have more, but it takes so long to put them up, that I will wait because I don't want to tie up the computer any longer.

This is food from the Bay Islands...cocoa bread and garlic/cinnamon bread. This is from last Sat. during our "Day of Cultures".

This is the presenter of the Bay Islands (the islands off of Honduras).

This is a picture of an internet cafe in a nearby city. I don't need it know becuase I have a computer in my home, but anyways, I wanted to take a picture.

This is a picture of the soccer game between the U.S. and Ghana, I think. This is when we went to the restaurant to watch the game in a nearby city.

This is one of the Training Manager of PC Honduras, Luis Estrada. He was a "Peche" that day. LOL. He's really nice.



  1. Dear Victoria,
    I enjoyed your latest blogs and the pictures. So much to tell - I know you could use the computer every day! You are making me hungry talking about all that food. From the picture of you on your blog it doesn't seem to be fattening you up any!! You look great, and I guess with all the exercise you are getting, you can take some carbs! I am so proud of you for catching on to Spanish so quickly! I can also see you leading a choir! Take care and I look forward to reading more soon. Aunt Sandra

  2. WOW!!! These are amazing pics, I especially love the one of you....LOL Looks like you have have been eating some really good food too and you are staying in shape, that is great. What is FBT where you are going to be going? The blog is amazing and enjoy talking to you when we can too. Were you able to buy another phone card? I am going to find out tomorrow from Tony at work where I can buy some and mail to you. Did you ever get the pkg I sent?
    Take care and keep the pics coming , I enjoy reading what is going on with you and seeing the pics. Love you, MOM