Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Week of Teaching

So, this past week, we taught young children in an orpahange (family home) about dental hygiene and then we also taught high-schoolers about sexual education (we did the banana condom thing).

Anyways, so the orphange was called Bobby´s because the owner is named Bobby and he´s actually from the U.S. (AL). He has such a think country accent, it´s really funny to hear him speak Spanish! :) But, yeah, he´s been in Honduras for 10 years and he goes back to the states every once in a while to bring supplies back in a big school bus...he drives all the way to like Chicago and it takes days. It´s incredible! And, he calls his place a family home so that the children can say they came from a family instead of an orphanage when other little kids ask them. He has such a big heart and the children are precious. I held one of the little babies named Miguel and he was so sweet. Bobby told us about their stories and how some of them were like found in a trash can or one girl (9 years) was on the street selling food or something to support her two younger siblings. It was really sad. BUT, then we talked to them about dental hygiene and played educational games with them and gave them each two toothbrushes and toothpaste. It was great!

Also, the highschool...OMG. It was def. interesting showing high schoolers how to use condoms and talking to them about HIV and AIDS. But, all was well. We played games where some of them had to be white cells and diseases, etc. AND, of course we had the banana and the condom where we each (there were 4 of us in the group) had to show them how to use the condom correctly. It was new info. for me too. LOL.

Also, all is going well with my stomach and I haven´t had any diseases! I feel blessed cause we´ve had some Dengue and Malaria going around and of course your common diarrhea. BUT, praise the Lord that all is well with my health. Just trying to eat less sweets and less in general. :)
Also, I went to my first Honduran Birthday party last night and I got to dance and we had cake, though. I was a little dissapointed. But, it´s prob. for the best. But, the lady was turning 75 and she´s in good shape!

Furthermore some news from Honduras:
Teachers still on strike...possibly it will last for a month.
Teguz (the Capital) is people´s houses are destroyed and a main street washed away. AND it´s still raining a lot here.
But, all is still functioning some way or other. :)

2 more weeks here and then back to my original site for a week near Teguz and then on to my site that I´ll be in for 2 years!!



  1. Sounds like you are doing well daughter and yes thank God you have not had any of the intestinal sicknesses. Even when I talked to you this weekend it seems your sinuses are doing better. I know you will be glad to be back in the country where there is fresh air,fresh fruit and veggies and peace and quiet. :o) Will start planning my trip out there probably in Sept. Leslie I think is wanting to come with me with I come see you, which I told her would probably be Feb. or March. I love you and enjoy out phone calls every Saturday. XOXOXOXOXO Enjoy and take care of yourself.

  2. Dental Hygiene!!! OMG Love Hondurans, but they seriously need to learn about oral hygiene