Thursday, May 27, 2010



I got a rabbit (or my mother and I did seeing as she will take care of it once I leave)...he's cute. Mother named him Buddy and he's black and tan.

Furthermore, I've almost finished everything I need to fill out for the Peace Corps!! They have SO many forms...AND I made my flight arrangemetns to Houston, TX on June 22 at 8:47a.m.! :) I'll get there early, but I guess I'll get a nap cause it's going to be a long day and we have to wake up at 3a.m. the next day to leave for Honduras. But, thankfully, Honduras is actually only 3 hours away on plane and the time difference is only 2 hours behind GA time.

But, anyways, I'm excited and I'm now buying the items I need for Honduras and I got a job at Zaxby's to help with all the expenses! Everything has worked out nicely and the Lord continues to come through! It's also amazing that I got in the Peace Corps so soon after college ended so I don't have to worry about getting insurance, loan deferments ending, etc. Praise the Lord again! He's always faithful. :)

That is all (and I'm actually enjoying this blog thing) lol,


  1. Hi Victoria,
    Well, I am going to take your advice and get a Google account so I can post comments on your blog. Is the bunny to keep Mom from getting lonesome after you leave? :) Keep the news coming - love you, Aunt Sandra

  2. Hello daughter,
    It has been alot of fun vacationing with you here in sunny Florida. Hope you have enjoyed yourself too. Love you, MOM

  3. Yes, the bunny should come in handy for my mother as company. lol.

  4. Hi, Victoria,
    Well, the time is getting closer! I talked to Martha tonite and she said y'all spent some time together today shopping. It is nice that it is a pretty easy flight from Atlanta to Texas to Honduras. She says she plans to come for a visit as soon as you are allowed company. I know she would get a real kick out of that. Anyway, take care & keep us posted! Blessings, Aunt Sandra

  5. Yes Buddy is entertainment.....since I am not entertaining anyone else. LOL

  6. So how is mom going to fly to Honduras when she wouldn't fly to the Bahamas? :o)