Monday, April 4, 2011

Deja Vue and New Things Too!


These past weeks have been interesting since there have been strikes for the last three weeks here in Honduras at the schools…so there hasn’t been any classes for almost a month (starting when I was in the states). So, many projects that I was going to do are difficult to get started with the teachers doing there own thing (fighting for there rights, etc.). Right when I got into site (literally the first day, my town was having its feria…it’s festival to celebrate its saint) I was enthralled in activities…possibly a good thing to forget about the sadness of being away from home once again. I’ve included some random pictures of the past weeks-mostly of the excursion (more info. farther down). I tried to load the video...but, virtually impossible~ BUT, do not fear...I posted them on Facebook! :)

BUT, we are doing some things in my site such as COLGATE, a dental and personal hygiene program with an elementary school and a kindergarten in a nearby community. It’s nice to get out and do something, even if just for only one time a week. We talk about how to brush your teeth and why it’s important…and LOTS of fun activities! Also, we’re working more with the youth group to go out and do excursions to document the nearby places that are touristy and we go and play games and bring lunch and they bathe in the river (I don’t because I’m suspicious of the dirty rivers especially with children…I know they’re peeing in the river). But, we just had our first one this past Saturday and I think it went very well…it was SOOO tiring, but it was good exercise and bonding time with the kids and it got them out of the house since there hasn’t been school in so long!!

That’s pretty much all I’m doing right now…and working so hard to get more projects off the ground and applying for grants and things for the projects because we have so many things we can do so I want to use my time wisely! But, right now, I’m in Tegucigalpa…about to go to training and then for Holy Week (the week of Easter) I believe I will be going to Comayagua to participate in the festivities! AND, Monica told me that we (PCV’s) will actually get to help with making some of the street rugs out of sand…I’m REALLY excited!!

YAY! That’s all for now…talk with you all soon,
LOVE, Victoria


  1. Also, ya'll may notice, but my favorite color to wear is definitely YELLOW!! :)

  2. And you are beautiful as always. And in the yellow Glad to hear you are finding things to do while the strike is going on. Keep yourself busy and the package is on its way today. I love you and I am very proud of all you do. Mom