Thursday, January 20, 2011

Interesting Things to Note

Well, well, well...January is almost over and I can't believe it! Next week (the whole week), I will be going to my first training to learn how to implement the COLGATE program and a reading and writing program in my community. It should def. be interesting and I have a teacher coming with me who teaches at a rural school with one classroom! So, it should be nice for her.

Anyways, some things I would like for you to know:
Things I thought I'd never do:
1. Mountain climb for like an hour or more...when we say in the states that mountain climbing is a hobby, here it is a reality for some people as the communities are SO far away and always up in the mountaines somewhere...I'm so upset that we have to walk so much all the way up hill, but it is good exercise.
2. Drink coffee...honestly, the coffee is good. I can drink it black or with creamer. Supposedly it's really great coffee according to my friend here who was also a coffee drinker in the states.
3. Use a LATRINE!! So, in the states, using the bathroom for me was always an ordeal. I had to clean the seat and then I had to lay down the paper on the seat. AND, if there happened to be the slightest crack in the door I would hang up my purse or a jacket to cover it up. HERE...o no...I've used a latrine, which is a toilet without a flusher. So, this means you must throw water in the toilet for it to flush. Sometimes, they're not that clean...quite questionable actually. Furthermore, I have officially (yesterda) used an outside latrine without a door. I just prayed that noone was watching, cause I def. used the bathroom. Also, I want you to know it was difficult because the latrine had three walls and a top...and the top was so low I couldn't stand up, so it was REAL awkward trying to get my pants back up. But, anyways, I made it through and used hand santizer afterwards. :)
4. I picked coffee!! It's actually really easy...but, I personally would not recommend it for long periods of time and the mosquitos or insects might get to you.
5. I eat deviled eggs. I realize this is not a huge deal, but I didn't like them in the States and know I'm quite fond of them. This is also true for oranges, beets, and some other things that I can't remember.

More culture insights:
a. (cause I already used numbers) Many families here have maids that help out in the house. I DID NOT expect to find that. I guess it's because they have large families sometimes and people need employment?
b. Sometimes when younger people meet with older family members, the older family member touches there head and says God bless you. I think it's quite neat.
c.No, everytime I walk past this one little child, he's always asking me where I'm going and where I came from...he's a little child...I do not feel like I need to explain my life to him. Furthermore, one time I was usig the ATM and I had a Honduran friend with me and you know what? She was looking all in my business while I was checking my account info. I KNOW!!
d. Sharing is a big deal here. I guess it's because some people have more than others financial wise. So, everyone shares. I am not used to sharing to the extent that I'm expected, however and this has caused some awkward situations. For instance, it's NOT appropriate to eat in front of others at any time without offering them some. Furthermore, if you buy something and have other people with you, you have to buy for them as well. Even if they have's really crazy! It's not like in the States...everyone for themselves...Oh no.

>Blessings from God:
The Lord has been so good to me lately I feel like I should send a shout out to!!
My cell phone feel on the floor of the bus coming to Teguz today...BUT, a nice gentleman picked it up and gave it back to me (NOT COMMON, especially here).
Everyday I get to wake up with new joy, strength, and hope!
Everything always works really just does.

That's all for now and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of this first month of 2011!
See ya'll soon,
Victoria :)


  1. WOW!!! That is amazing...I knew you would experience alot more there than you ever did here in the states. And God will always see you thru any situation you are in, as you have found out. Where you are, he is also....because you are is child. I love the post, but not as much as I love you and I always think about you and what you are doing there. See you in 6 weeks!!!! Be good and take care of yourself and call when you can. Remember what we talked about tonight. Take better care of yourself. Hugs and kisses, Mom

  2. Dear Victoria, I am sorry I have not been up to date with my postings on your blog! I have been battling some kind of bug since Christmas that had me coughing my head off and I just pretty much laid around and tried to wear it out. Better now, though! I really enjoyed reading about all your adventures and the things you are experiencing with your new "family". I know it must have been hard to be away from home during Christmas, but it sounds as if you really entered into the spirit of the celebrations over there. You are a big inspiration to me with your positive attitude and your eagerness to help in anyway you can. I know it is a blessing to all those you are with - both your family and the school children that you will be working with. Granny tells me you will be home for a visit soon. I know you are looking forward to that! Take care of yourself and just keep those blogs coming!! Love you - Aunt Sandy

  3. Hello Victoria - hope all is well with your training session! We are having sunshine today thru Sunday and I look forward to being out and about again! Am sending you a card with a surprise inside! Let know if you receive it. Take care and stay in touch - God's angels are all around you! Love Granny

  4. I'm glad ya'll are enjoying the blogs! lol. I definitely do feel that God's angels are around me because sometimes this place can be dangerous, but the Lord always keeps me safe! I can't wait to be home to see you guys and enjoy the comforts of the U.S.-bathrooms indoors, etc. :) I'm glad everyone is doing ok health wise and thankyou for your thoughts and prayers!
    I can't wait to see the letter you sent me, Granny and thanks for the package Mom!

  5. WOW these are some great observations and I feel like I know a little bit what it's like to live there. THANKS V.
    LOVE YOU!!!