Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank the Lord for Peace Corps computers! I'm in Tegucigalpa now in the PC Office and the computers here are SO much better than in many of the internet cafes!! So, therefore, I was able to send you guys some photos...hope you enjoy!

This is the turkey we have in the backyard...he's always mad! He's always making noises and showing his feathers...I'm not sure if that's normal, but it is for him. By the way, I'm pretty sure we're going to eat him for Christmas-I'm SO excited! I feel a little bad for him though, cause everytime I look at him I think about how delicious he's going to be...oh well. :)

This is a street in my town...just to give you a better idea of what it looks like!

This is one of the on-going projects taht I'm helping with in the school to raise awareness about the environment. These signs are creative ways that the Lord showed me (I say it is the Lord, because I'm not really that creative, so it had to have been Him) to make signs about trash. You would be amazed how people just throw trash around on the ground when there's a trash can right near by!!

This is the beautiful view of my room in my host family's house...doesn't it look majestic! lol. I enjoy opening the door and relaxing, putting my feet up on the stole, looking at the view from my door, feeling the breeze, and reading a good book (when I have time).

This is a picture of Merari and I in Santa Maria...a town nearby my site. This is one of our many excursions over there (including the one with the dead cow). It was cold, which is why I'm wearing a jacket and you will also notice that my foot is sprained in this photo from playing with the little children.

This is a picture during the swearing in ceremony in the U.S. Embassy in Honduras...
The earrings I'm wearing are from the lady in my community who picked me up and took my to my site for the first day! They're hand-made!

This is the library in the high school that I work in a lot...after we get through working on it...it's going to look different! We finally organized all the books by catalog number *with the help of some students and now we're working on basic organization. :)

Write soon and hope every enjoys Thanksgiving!


  1. Hello daughter....nice pics. Your turkey is always mad b/c he knows he will be eaten soon.....lol. The pic of you and Merari...does she live in the house with you? That is a good pic of you both. BTW....how is your foot/ankle doing these days? You seem to have a nice view from your room and nice room too. I like the pics, glad you were able to find a computer to upload them on. We will talk soon....I love you and miss you much.

  2. Yeah, Merari did live in the house with us,but will not be returning becaue she´s going to study somewhere else-not in San Jose. Oh, my foot is doing great. I´m just working on healing all the other damages I´ve mangaged to incur such as cutting myself on knives, burning myself cooking, mosquito bites, etc. lol.

  3. Oh! TURKEY!! Enjoy it! they do NOT eat turkey here it's too expensive but on that first savory bite think of me : )
    The pics are great! I have a good idea about how your town is!
    And YAY for working on trash management!!
    LOVE YOU! Proud of you <3