Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mi Dos Dias en Honduras (My Second Day in Honduras) is Thursday, my second day in Honduras. Honduras is a great place so far. I've seen Tegucigapla, the major city in Honduras and yesterday I went with my host family (Dona Nora y Don Freso) to church in the city on my very first night! Church was good even though I had NO idea what they were talking about...but it was an evangelical church and my host mom and dad are leaders in the church. It seems legit, but if it's not it's ok because I'm here only 3 weeks and then I leave for another host family for 6 weeks and then I come back here for 1 week in Zarabanda (the town I'm in currenly).

OMG...I wanted to say that SO many times. Mi espanol is not that great right now and I'm around Spanish EVERYWHERE! The street signs, the television, the ads, my family, my instructors, the church...OMG! It has def. been harder than I expected.

HOWEVER, my living situation is awesome! I'm very lucky (bueno suerto) because I have good water from the jug so it's purified. The food is good...some people complain about there food because it's not as good or nutritional, but they feed me well. For lunch today I had a ham and cheese sandwich with mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard (too many condiments, but it was still pretty good). AND, I had an apple. Some people don't get many fruits or vegetables, but my family has there own garden with MANY fruits...mangos, watermelons, oranges. ALL in the backyard. It's very cool. Also, I don't have to take bucket baths, it's the same as a shower back home except colder. LOL. But, after two minutes, I was ok. ALSO, my bed is pretty comfortable, I don't have many mosquitos. They have screens on the windows and they're very neat and clean people. :) ALSO, I have internet WITH Skype! I have the ultimate set-up here. I'm not roughing it at all! Thank you Jesus! :)

The house is also very family is well off. They have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big living room and a big kitchen. There site is also very pretty with a huge yard, up on the mountain. I also have a little dog and a little cat.

Speaking of that mountain...I have to walk to the training site every morning (7a.m.) and every afternoon (5p.m.), which is about 30 minutes away. The climb to the house is the worse part of the trip and the other hills along the way. I'm def. getting my exercise. At 7p.m. I meet with another volunteer named Kristin and we walk together and we usually find two other volunteers along the way. I'm NEVER alone. When we walk back home in the afternoon, there are around 8 of us.

The training center is beautiful. I'll have to get you some pictures. The Spanish is difficulty, but there are a good many of us who don't really know Spanish, so I don't feel alone and this one girl ("D") has already told me I could talk to here if I needed to vent about being frustrated with my Spanish...she's really nice. I think she's from CO. Anyways, I've found a good many people who are nice and we joke around and I just try to talk with everyone. :)

All is well for now...even though I have all this $ in American currency that I can't use, but oh well. Tomorrow we'll get a visit from a cell phone company so perhaps I'll call you soon! LOL

Also, my host mother said "Hola" a mi mama (to my mother)...I showed her your picture mother.

So, these pictures take awhile to muy sad. I'll have to do that later.

Talk with you later!
Love you,


  1. I cant believe you've already started your journey. It seems like just yesterday that you were planning. I'm glad you love the food and that God has blessed you with great family who an afford to take good care of you. cherish that apple...I ate a slice of pineapple today.. my first piece of fruit in a month. LOVE IT keep posting!

  2. You must be really busy. Hope you are learning alot, meeting nice people and enjoying training. Buddy bit me last night when I got home, I was almost ready to put him on Ebay....LOL. But, I had a second thought. :o)
    Are you eating good food? Has your host mom made any tamales yet? :o) How are you feeling? I guess you are getting a good workout climbing that mountain home each day. I love you very much and I will stop with all the questions now. Kisses and hugs. Be good and be safe.

  3. No, Tiffany!! You need more fruit in your life. My host family gorges me with fruit. LOL.

    Mother, don't give away Buddy. He's our pet and a member of our family now.

    I'm eating great food!! Oh, yes, these mountains are crazy. Also, I LOVE my new sandals and the hiking shoes we bought. They are very comfortable and useful. :)

    No tamales, I don't think they're common here.

    Love you too,

  4. Hey sweetheart, I am keeping Buddy. I am sorry when he bit me it just made me mad, but he is doing better now. We had a great weekend together. I will have to get another camera so I can send you pics of him. This morning when I let him out before I went to work he ran 3 laps around the living room. It was hilarious!!!
    Sounds like you are getting your fill of fruit there. What else do you eat? Does the PC feed you all at lunch or do you bring a lunch from home? Glad to hear the shoes are working for you. Did you ever get any rain boots? I was checking out the weather site you have saved on your laptop and it shows alot of rain this week. Stay dry please.....did you take your umbrella? I didn't remember. I love you and still plan on seeing you either December or January, waiting to see what is best for you. Love you and hope to hear from you again soon. Hugs and kisses.