Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Tuesday!


So, I'm learning much Spanish...and I found today that I'm at the Novice High level,which is three from the bottom! :) So, I will get tutoring after school for an extra hour because I'm novice. BUT, my language level is only two/three levels away from were I have to be at the end of the three months and at this rate, I'm sure I'll be there, because I learn SO MUCH every day. Also, my family is very encouraging and I watch movies/shows in Spanish every night before doing my homework and then going to bed. :)

So, yeah, all is well. Today I had yet another interview about why I wanted to come to the Peace Corps, etc. We also learned techniques to deal with the harrassment, which is not avoidable. AND, we learned what is a good house to have when I leave my host families' home. So, I'm learning many technical as well as language skills.

I will take more pictures in the future... LOL.

I'm really excited about my project, which is Youth Development because the PC focuses on the new way of thinking which is geared more towards the youth's capacities, not their lacks. So, instead of focusing on what they can't do, we focus and improve on what they can. I told them I like to sing and I was in a choir...and they said thay many communities have been asking for a choir and none of the volunteers so far have had the desire or "skill" to create one. So, it's possible that I will lead a choir! LOL. It will be interesting and fun for sure. Also, there is def. a demand for trumpets here, so that could come up in the future too.

Anyways, I'm going to watch the Discovery Channel.
Have a good night all,

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  1. WOW....glad to hear all is well and that you are doing well with the language,although I had no doubts that you would catch on. That would be wonderful if you could start the choir, I know you will enjoy that too. So you might need your trumpet after all, just let me know and I can ship it to ya. That is unless you can find one there. I am totally relieved to hear you sounding good.....I love you and think about you every day. Miss you too....Have a great night with your host family and tell them to be patient with you....goodnight....hugs and kisses.